Thursday 08 Dec 2022

1.†Established in 1999 and believe in the truth ďquality is the way to surviveĒ,
Rose File Producing Group began its business as producer of archive equipment.
By introducing Elastic Fastener Binder (Registered under No: 32.2.9847 -Industrial Ownership Registration Organization) and employing well experienced experts gradually made its way in archive equipment market in†††††brand.

2.†Main features of Triple Tag Place Binder (D.N.S):
a.†Saving up to 25-40% space (for example 1000 standard binder of size 7.5 = 650 triple tag place binder of size 7.5).
b.†Better and faster archiving process.
c.†Avoiding to be removed the documents in a great deal (because of closable edges of binder).
d.†Rigid and firm structure ensures beauty of archive system.
e.†Less cost of archiving for organizations and agencies.

3.†Rose File as first producer of archive equipment with after-sale services ensures easy warehousing for its clients wherever they are. So that as introducer of Shipment Key in Iran, you only need some short minutes for warehousing process.

4.†As introducer of modern design in the field, we are committed to meet customer satisfaction; that is true providing, innovation, high quality, durable products with reasonable price and characteristic package.

5.†The company is able to meet client demands for different design, size, color. So give us the problem, we will give you a solution.